— Hyper Terra


Projection sculpture

“Hyper Terra” is a projection-mapped sculpture with an embedded projector, computer, and integrated power supply. The sculpture is a mountain with simulated solar and lunar lighting that can be set up with any lat/long on Earth and a point in time. The graphics software has controls for time advancement towards the past or future, the long/lat on Earth, solar/lunar positioning, light color, and more. The result is both a sculpture and a dynamic visual timepiece.

Software Abstract

Source on Github

Written in C++/OpenGL, running on an NVidia Jetson TK1.

OpenGL projection graphics software coded in C++ using a linux dev branch of the Cinder framework (included as a submodule).

3D graphics light an abstract landscape with dynamic shadows using a multi-pass rendering enging. Lights are position at the Sun and Moon positions of that time and place, calculated by an ephemeris table, via pyephem, a library for Python.