— Gray Area Festival Archive

Running at: https://archive.grayareafestival.io

Source code: https://github.com/GrayAreaorg/festival-video-archive

A filterable archive of videos from the Gray Area Festival, consisting of in-person and virtual conference talks, presentations, and group panels. The videos in the archive are currently hosted on the Gray Area YouTube Channel, which is currently the source of video metadata.

The archive is built entirely client-side with flat-file JSON files, and includes english captions for each video, which improves accessibility and encourages filtering, searching, NLP analysis, and/or experimentation with LLMs. Contributions are welcome. These .vtt formatted caption files are stored alongside the video metadata JSON in the data/videos folder.

Preliminary work has been carried out to allow users to filter videos by various curated topics ordered by the frequency of key-words, and word-count per video generated from the video captions. View these files in the data/topics.

This project is open to submissions and suggestions around engaging with this growing collection of content. You are welcome to make a pull request or contribute to the issues for discussion.