— PHP File Browser Scripts

These scripts offer some handy features for browsing files/folders on a webserver.

Source on GitHub.


A fancy index script for browsing folders.

  • Tested with PHP 7.2.30 and 7.4.6
  • Classical text-only view with HTML table
  • Sortable by columns
  • Single file for easy including
  • Easy to customize
  • BSD license


  • Ignore Dotfiles (hidden files)
  • Date Format for file mod fime
  • Show Line Numbers
  • Sort folders seperately
  • Calculate folder sizes
  • Show file sizes
  • Show file type (based on extension)
  • Show file modified date
  • Natural sort file tree (ignore case)
  • File and Folder Excludes


A index script that generates thumbnail gallery for images and displays READMEs. This is an experiment and WIP.

  • Tested with PHP 7.2.30
  • Generate thumbs and create gallery for images
  • Preview audio files
  • Single file for easy including
  • Easy to customize
  • Display ‘README’ if present
  • BSD license