— Terminal Emulator on Windows via Cygwin

How to install cygwin on windows:

  1. Install Cygwin from setup.exe

  2. Install the following packages:

    • xorg-server (required, the Cygwin X Server)
    • xinit (required, scripts for starting the X server: xinit, startx, startwin (and a shortcut on the Start Menu to run it), startxdmcp.bat )
    • xorg-docs (optional, man pages)
    • X-start-menu-icons (optional, adds shortcuts to X Clients and Server to the Start menu)
    • mintty (windows-feel terminal)
  3. Optional Packages

    • openssh
    • git, svn
    • wget, curl
    • rsync
    • vim, emacs
    • any additional fonts

  1. ~/.XDefaults dark theme:

    ! terminal colors ------------------------------------------------------------
    ! tangoesque scheme
    *background: #111111
    *foreground: #babdb6
    ! Black (not tango) + DarkGrey
    *color0:  #000000
    *color8:  #555753
    ! DarkRed + Red
    *color1:  #ff6565
    *color9:  #ff8d8d
    ! DarkGreen + Green
    *color2:  #93d44f
    *color10: #c8e7a8
    ! DarkYellow + Yellow
    *color3:  #eab93d
    *color11: #ffc123
    ! DarkBlue + Blue
    *color4:  #204a87
    *color12: #3465a4
    ! DarkMangenta + Mangenta
    *color5:  #ce5c00
    *color13: #f57900
    !DarkCyan + Cyan (both not tango)
    *color6:  #89b6e2
    *color14: #46a4ff
    ! LightGrey + White
    *color7:  #cccccc
    *color15: #ffffff
    Some more themes on the Arch forums.

  2. ~/.bashrc To enable color ls and human readable size format, add:

    alias ls='ls -h --color=tty'
    By default, the .bashrc in CygwinX has many options you can uncomment.

  3. ~/.emacs Disable emacs temp (~) file pooping

    (setq make-backup-files nil)


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